National ministry of raw materials, deputy director of the department of seedlings to our research

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     On July 5, 2014, the state ministry's deputy chief of the priests MiaoZhiMin line is the new material industry development situation to our research.The chairman of the board of directors of the company He Xueqin hong-qiang Yang, deputy general manager, of the institute, accompanied by the leaders of companies such as Dr Huang Youyuan miao, deputy director of the delegation toured the Betty rui new energy technology research institute and Bert automatic production workshop.
      Visit process, the company leadership bei terry was introduced in detail in the field of new materials in energy storage strategy layout and the part of the research progress of new materials.Hearing is introduced, the deputy director general of seedlings for Mr Terry the results in the field of new materials give full affirmation, researchers and encourage companies to continue to work hard and contribute more for the country's new materials industry development power.
      Shenzhen via letter committee deputy director of the emerging industry, Shao Lisheng, shenzhen new material industry association is responsible for living well, Li Yin and other accompanying research.



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